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Moving to Almaty Update

I am still here in Saigon.  I am dealing with "document approval" issues with the Kazakhstan government.  I had expected to arrive into Kazakhstan...
Kazakh Girl - Heart of Eurasia

Welcome to Kazakhstan

I am preparing for my return trip back to Kazakhstan.  I decided to launch this site about 3-4 weeks before flying to Almaty.  This...

The Kazakh Language

After English, the second best language I can speak is Kazakh. When I saw this posted at My World, the Russian version of Facebook,...
Peace Corps Kazakhstan - Karatau, Kazakhstan

One encouragement to return to Kazakhstan

One April 16, 2012 10:42 pm There is a group of people in my life whom I'm greatful for making me who I am. Dear Kevin,...
Rose Kaplan School, Taraz, Kazakhstan

Rose Kaplan School – Taraz, Kazakhstan

I did not realize that the school I helped survive as an English school in Taraz, Kazakhstan, has turned 15 years old as of...