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Air Astana KC907 takeoff

Air Astana KC-907 winter takeoff

Monday's video will focus on the takeoff of Air Astana KC-907 after it was de-iced.  It had just started to snow again.  Sorry for...
Air Astana De-iced KC 907 (Almaty)

Air Astana Flight KC-907 being de-iced

This week I will start posting video posts which is a direction I want SaigonNezumi.com to follow now. The first posts will focus on...
Kevin - 400 lb Squat

Weightlifting Goals for 2015

2014 has been a good year for me, I was about to set 7 new personal records for 9 lifts.  January tends to be...

Air Astana over the Alatau Mountains

It has been 15 years since I last took photos of the Alatau Mountains from an airplane. In 1999, I was flying with Air...


I love the camel handcrafts in Kazakhstan. I will need to bring some to Vietnam. Posted from Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Beautiful Almaty – early winter

Winter can make any city beautiful. Almaty is especially pretty now with our snowfall from a couple days ago. Posted from Samsung Galaxy Note...

A Wintry Almaty Day

Today Almaty was forecasted to have over a foot of snow. Luckily it has been downgraded.  Still we got a lot of snow. The...