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Galina Petrova - US Peace Corps Kazakhstan

Galina Petrova – US Peace Corps Kazakhstan

During my two year service with the US Peace Corps in Kazakhstan, one of the most supportive Peace Corps staff that gave me a...
My Kazakh Host Family - Karatau, Kazakhstan

I am Kazakh

I made a brief visit back in Karatau, Kazakhstan, in October, 1999, passing from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, heading to Talas, Kyrgyzstan.  I was allowed to...
My Kazakh Host Brother and Sisters - Karatau, Kazakhstan

My Kazakh Host Brother and Sisters

For two years they kept me company during my Peace Corps service in Karatau, Kazakhstan.  We even had sibling fights and arguments, especially Gulzhan...
Karatau Mosque 2007

Karatau Mosque Today

I found this image of the completed Karatau Mosque today at Picasa: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/5bp5zl2bu5rpC3QBTKQ99A
Karatau Mosque 1997

Karatau Mosque – 1997

When I lived in Karatau, Kazakhstan, as a Peace Corps Volunteer, there were two mosques in the town.  With Saudi funding, the townspeople started...
Riskul - Karatau Lyceum


This picture was one that surprised me when I saw it in the US.  It nearly brought tears to my eyes. If you look at...
Peace Corps Kazakhstan - Karatau, Kazakhstan

A Cold Christmas (1997)

Winter, 1997, in Karatau, Kazakhstan, was the coldest I ever experienced in my life.  I was at my Peace Corps site for just a...