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How the traffic police got my 600,000 VND

Well, it is the Year of the Snake now.  Today is Day 4 of the Tet New Year here in Vietnam.  I rode my...
Motorbike is going in the wrong direction - Saigon

Saigon Road Rules – Anything wrong with this picture

This picture should speak for itself.  What is wrong with this picture? In Saigon, you always have to deal with motorbikes going the opposite way...
Yamaha Nouvo damaged tail light

My Yamaha Nouvo damaged again

Just over 3 months ago my Yamaha Nouvo had it's left rear tail light damaged at Vincom Center.  Well, over a week ago, it...
Neomask anti-pollution mask in Saigon, Vietnam

NeoMask to fight traffic pollution

About a month ago, I left my NeoMask mask on my motorbike at the parking area in the Tan Binh District.  When I came...
Servicing my Yamaha Nouvo LX

Servicing my motorbike

Part of a ritual for me at least every 1500 km here in Saigon.  I decided to get my Yamaha Nouvo LX serviced at...
Yamaha Nouvo LX dashboard at night in Saigon, Vietnam

My Motorbike Dashboard at Night

Last night I was playing with my cell phone camera.  I wanted to see if I could take a photo of the dashboard on...
Traffic Jam in Saigon

Rush Hour Traffic

I sometimes wonder why I always arrange my Japanese class around 6pm. I always get nailed with a traffic jam in District 1. When...