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Missing Saigon

Been away from Saigon for nearly 3 weeks already.  I miss my little home in District 1.  I will return to Saigon on December...
Air Astana (Almaty to Saigon)

Flying to Saigon via Air Astana

Just a couple weeks ago, I made my 4th trip back to Saigon, Vietnam, from Almaty, Kazakhstan, on Air Astana.  I have been flying...

Bitexco from Saigon Pearl

I used to think the Bitexco Tower was an eyesore. Now it is a good landmark for me to get my bearings similar to...

Saigon to Kuala Lumpur

I am on my way to Singapore now. The first leg with Malaysia Airlines was great. Great service and very comfortable seats.   I just...

Almaty to Saigon

I am back in Saigon again. Had a great flight from Almaty with Air Astana. The flight was not too crowded and took the...

Motorbikes everywhere

This is Saigon. A city with literally millions of motorbikes. Though I only rode a motorbike once during my last trip to Saigon, I...

Saigon Opera House

The Saigon Opera House looked really nice when I took this photo. Posted from WordPress for Android