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Air is cleaner in Shanghai than Saigon

This is definitely not the norm but right now the air is cleaner is Shanghai than Saigon. I still got my air purifiers going...

Lots of shoes

I just realized I have a lot of dress shoes. I habe three pairs from Allen Edmonds. One pair wqs custom made in Hong...

Tan Son Nhat International Airport (October, 2016)

Another departure from Tan Son Nhat International Airport again. I never like leaving Vietnam so departing from this airport can be a bit gloomy...

ShanghaiNezumi.com – My Shanghai Blog

I am started to update ShanghaiNezumi.com now which will focus on my life in Shanghai, China.  I have lived here for over a month...

Clear skies in Shanghai 

I have been in Shanghai for nine days. There are no signs of any pollution. Beautiful clear skies thanks to the G20 summit. Great...