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V?n H?ng Phát Seafood Restaurant

I visited this seafood restaurant last night in the Tan Phu District. It was okay. I wanted some steamed clams last night which is...

In Saigon

Been back for 5 days now. Enjoying it but I am missing Almaty already. Saigon is definitely warmer with a vibrant life of its...

Late night chicken in Tan Phu

Got hungry and needed some chicken. Picked some up from my favorite vendor in the Tan Phu District. Posted from WordPress for Android

KFC at night – Tan Phu District

KFC is still popular in Vietnam. They are everywhere but I think when McDonalds arrives next year, many of the KFCs will close down. ...

More good chicken in Saigon

I am back to my weightlifting diet again. This usually means I eat a lot of chicken. In Tan Phu I found a great...