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Sunshine After the Rain

Let’s face it, the weather forecast for this winter isn't exactly surprising. With snow, wind and rain predicted for the next three months, a...
Beautiful Catholic Church in Saigon

Grab a Bargain Holiday!

You may not have even considered holidaying abroad due to the expense and possibly the hassle, especially if you have little ones to consider…...

Airline Commericials for Vietnamese Airlines

I am an airline buff, have been all of my life.  Hence in every country I live in, I like to find out about...
Mekong University, Vinh Long, Vietnam

Mekong University (Vinh Long Province)

Last weekend I went on a short day trip with Protekus and KKB to Vinh Long Province to visit the Mekong University (Cuu Long...
Can Tho Bridge, Can Tho, Vietnam

Can Tho Bridge

Last Saturday, Protekus Security Solutions, a security startup I run with Japanese and Vietnamese partners, had a meeting with a client in the Vinh...
Evelyne - V-in-V Indonesian Blogger in Saigon

V-in-V (Indonesian Blogger in Saigon)

This afternoon I finally met travel blogger, Evelyne, from Indonesia who runs the blog, V-in-V.  V-in-V is a multi-language Indonesian/English blog about her life...