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View of Alanya from Suleyman Cami

Alanya, Turkey

This was a surprise trip that I made in late December, 2001.  A Turkish dentist, Osman, I had met in Pennsylvania at Fetullah Gulen's...
Turkish Shops outside Fatih Cami - Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish Shops

I took this photo in the Summer of 2002 just a short distance from my favorite Turkish mosque, the Fatih Cami.  I passed these...
Aya Sofia, Istanbul, Turkey

Aya Sofia

When I first visited Istanbul, Turkey, in December, 1999, the first place I wanted to see was the Aya Sofia.  My hotel was in...
Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation (TEGV)

Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation

I had a memorable summer volunteering with the Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation (TEGV) in the summer of 2002.  I volunteered as an English teacher....
Ottoman Sword in Istanbul, Turkey

Swordsman in Istanbul

One of my most memorables times during graduate school.  I spent the 2001 summer interning with TEGV in Istanbul, Turkey.  During this time Turkey...