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Nightview of Sunwah Tower

I was at Cafe Terrace tonight outside of Saigon Centre (yeah I spend a lot of time at Saigon Centre sometimes). I took...

Halloween in Saigon

Okay, so it was over 3 weeks ago already, just wanted to mention that Halloween is celebrated in Saigon as well. The American...

Christmas coming to Saigon

Can't believe, the Saigonese are preparing for a very Vietnamese Christmas. After my long meeting at the Highland's Cafe in Saigon Centre, I...

Mr. Ut’s House is Finished :-)

I just noticed that Mr. Ut and his family have moved into their newly built home. It is quite nice. My old...

Lucky Plays with Ninja

Yesterday I took Ninja, my 3 month old kitten, on the terrace and introduced him to Lucky, my nearly 2 year old Mekong Delta...

Adding Vietnamese Font to iPhone

I used jailbreakme.com to unlock another iPhone here in Vietnam thanks with the help of the IT guy at ViGroup last night (Here is...

SaigonNezumi.com on iPhone and Nokia N800

Just wanted to show you what SaigonNezumi.com looks like on the iPhone and Nokia N800 :) (SaigonNezumi.com on iPhone and Nokia N800)