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Vietnamese traditional music at the Central Post Office in Saigon

Saw this performance yesterday at the Central Post Office in Saigon. Video below.

Traffic Jam in District 7

Horrible traffic jam in District 7. Even walking can be a hassle with motorbikes driving on the sidewalks. Heading to District 4 from District 7. View...

Phuc Long Coffee at Lotte Mart

This is where I study Japanese with my Japanese teacher once a week. Great location to study.

Measuring Steps: Fitbit vs iPhone

I always have to break it to people that use Fitbit such as myself. Fitbit is a great activity and heart rate monitor but...

Mumtaz Bui Vien is closed

A long time favorite of Expats closed a week ago in Bui Vien. Mumtaz was one of my favorite Indian restaurants until Babas Kitchen...

Vietnam of District 4 from District 1

Toi la Giang Ho Quan Tu. This is my home. The famous District 4 home to infamous gangsters in Saigon. Much has changed from the...
Ninja motorbike rider in Saigon

Another crazy motorbike rider in Saigon

These type of crossings are quite irritating. I call them "cow herd block crossings" since motorbikes will go as a group to block oncoming...