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The 11th Hour (Video)

This is one of the better climate change movies online now. The 11th Hour gives an independent perspective on global warming and the...

The famous VietnamWorks “Chicken Dance”

Chris Harvey, otherwise known as charvey in the Saigon Expat blogging world, posted a new clip of the day morning ritual at VietnamWorks known...

Vietnamese Ladies are the nicest in the World!!!

Why the strange the blog title?  Just read this article in Thanh Nien Daily News and you will understand why: Men should hold onto dongs,...

An Expat that respects Thai Culture

Very impressive video by a Swedish Expat residing in Thailand.  Vivian posted a video responding to the insults by Western Expats in regards to...

Visa Rules Widen The Rift Between Vietnam And U.S. Families

Just read this piece from Chao-Vietnam: Getting that ever elusive visa to the US, regardless of visa type, can be daunting at best.  I have...

My lucky ball

I was given this "lucky ball" last weekend to make me feel happy.  It is doing its job very well! :-)

View of Saigon from The Manor

Yesterday I met Patrick (PKNews.org) at The Manor for lunch.  As normal, I met him at City Diner, one of my favorite American-style restaurants...