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My favorite student at The American School

Today I was so happy when I arrived to The American School (TAS) in the Thao Dien Ward.  At the gate, my new favorite...

Hanoi Trip

Well, I made it back from a short trip to Hanoi yesterday.  I was there to visit both the Fulbrighters and the VYLA students...

Turkish ice cream in Saigon

A couple weeks ago, I was joking with the Turkish chef at Horizon in regards to how many scoops of ice cream I wanted. ...

Fake GoDaddy Order Confirmation Email Scam ($357)

I started receiving these fake GoDaddy order confirmation emails.  Kind of scared me because I knew a couple of my domains needed to be...

Su-33 Flanker-D

This is an awesome Russian fighter!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qa2E6X-xnnw

Xin loi :-)

Today I was in District 1 on Dinh Thien Hoang street riding my motorbike.  As I was leaving the sidewalk to get back onto...

Update from Saigon (Working in International Schools)

Well, now I am moving unto Year 6.  I am making some new changes starting this month in regards to my work with international...