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View from Phuc Yen Apartments

Good view of Highway 22 that heads to Cu Chi and Cambodia from the Phuc Yen Apartment.  Traffic, as usual, is heavy.

Taiwan Singer, Afu – I just want to go

One of the joys of living overseas is that you have a chance to listen to other popular music from around the world.  Here...

Fake UFO clip actually posted on Tuoi Tre

Fake?  Clearly.  Who posted it?  Tuoi Tre News though on their behalf, they did say the object looked like a comet.  Before passing judgement...

5 Percent

Here is a topic not really discussed much on the blog circuits.  5 Percent.  For the average Expat tourist, visitors and short timers in...

Hoshi with an attitude

Decided to play around with the caption builder at http://cheezburger.com.  I am having some fun with Hoshi:

The Impotence of Proofreading, by TAYLOR MALI

This clip is really funny.  English and school teachers alike will love this clip.

Kendo in Saigon (Update)

It has been over a year since I last practiced Kendo in Vietnam.  Essentially I stopped after I got injured in a motorbike accident...