Monthly Archives: May 2013

Food court at Bitexco

This is new to me. My friends starting telling me that they are watching movies at Bitexco. It has been awhile since I was...
Bitexco Building (May 1, 2013)

Bitexco Building during slight rain storm (2013)

I took a quick shot of the Bitexco Building during a small rain storm in District 1.
Parking garage - Vincom Center

Cramped motorbike parking garage

I hate parking at the Vincom Center.  It is where I get the most damage on my motorbike.  Today was lucky since not too...
Vietnamese flags during May Day 2013

Vietnamese flags everywhere

Normally during the holidays, all buildings fly the Vietnamese flag.
Weiner dog in Saigon

Wiener dog in Saigon

Yeah, you got wiener dogs here too...

Approaching storm in Saigon

A late afternoon storm approached Saigon yesterday.  Posted from WordPress for Android
Cheesecake in Saigon

Cheese cake in Saigon

A former colleague brought some cheese cake (for her birthday), the last time I met her. It was good...