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Cessna 152 landing in Seattle

Cessna 152 Landing in Seattle

I took this shot way back in 1996 from the pilot's seat with my flight instructor at the controls.  From 1995, I was learning...
Landing at Boeing Field (Seattle, Wa.)

Landing, Touch and Go, 13 L, BFI

I am flying the Cessna 152 at Boeing Field International Airport in Seattle, Washington.  Runway 13L is the "small" runway used especially for training....
Cessna 152 - Hillsboro, Oregon

Cessna 152

My faithful Cessna 152.  Just a two-seater, not a whole lot of horsepower.  Still fun to fly.  I took this plane from Seattle, Washington,...
Forward Slip - Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington

Forward Slip

Since I was a kid, I wanted to be a pilot.  As a kid, I wanted to be a Japan Airlines pilot.  In college...
That's Megan - Seattle, Washington

That’s Megan

That's Megan with her tongue sticking out.  She always had fun with me.  She was the only student I ever had who successfully tied...