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Saigon air better than Shanghai now

Well, with winter coming to Shanghai soon, I was warned that the pollution of the air will get worse. Though I am not in...

Mobike in Shanghai

This is an awesome app in Shanghai. I wished I  used it before getting an ebike. In short, Mobike is a bike share app....
systemd in Centos 7

systemctl versus service in CentOS 7

Well, traveling and working around the world, I did not keep up with any technology news.  Unfortunately for me, it meant I missed the...

Zee’s Leatherware in Hong Kong

I have been wearing leather dress shoes for a couple years now.  I started with Allen Edmond's wingtips but I found the quality was...

Remembering Smokey

Seems so long ago now. Smokey died six and a half years ago from kidney failure due to poisoning at my previous house in...

Caobao Street – Shanghai

Caobao Street, pronounced Saobao, is a long street near my apartment. Always busy. Rush hour means you should avoid this street. Crossing the street...
Why I like the command line - Shanghai

Teaching Command Line in Shanghai 

One of things I try to instill in my ICT and Computer Science students is the importance of the command line.  For most of...