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Air Astana KC907 landing at New Dehli

Air Astana KC907 Landing at New Dehli, India

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9HjTzsk2DM This video post is of Air Astana KC907 landing at New Dehli International Airport.  It was a good flight. In the future I will combine...
Air Astana KC907 takeoff

Air Astana KC-907 winter takeoff

Monday's video will focus on the takeoff of Air Astana KC-907 after it was de-iced.  It had just started to snow again.  Sorry for...
Air Astana De-iced KC 907 (Almaty)

Air Astana Flight KC-907 being de-iced

This week I will start posting video posts which is a direction I want SaigonNezumi.com to follow now. The first posts will focus on...
Vietnam Airlines at Tan Son Nhat Airport - Saigon, Vietnam

Vietnam Airlines at Tan Son Nhat Airport

Some of my favorites photo shots are at airports taken from airplanes.  This picture was taken just after arriving from Cam Ranh to Saigon....
Cam Ranh International Airport - Cam Ranh, Vietnam

Cam Ranh International Airport

Even though Nha Trang has it's own airport, the major airport that people use to fly to/from Hanoi and Saigon is about a 30...
Japan Airlines Boeing 747 - Osaka Kansai International Airport

Japan Airlines – 2002

My favorite airlines.  I wanted to be a Japan Airlines 747 pilot as a kid.  I always enjoy flying on this airline.  JAL no...
Manas International Airport 1999 - Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Manas International Airport (1999)

Manas International Airport is different today then back in 1999.  Now the US military stations some of its troops the Manas Air Base.  Back...