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Saigon Siblings

Saigon Siblings (formerly Vietcetera Cafe)

Today, Saigon Siblings, formerly Vietcetera Cafe, had their rebranding celebration at their first coffee location. Saigon Siblings is run by a fellow...
Saigon Train Crossing in the Phu Nhuan District

Busy Train Crossing in Phu Nhuan

After leaving the Phu Nhuan District in 2010, it is not often that I actually cross the train tracks, let alone wait for the...
Go, No Go, Traffic light in Saigon, Vietnam

Only in Vietnam…

Here is a photo I took in the Phu Nhuan District yesterday. What should I do, go or stop? :-) Before anybody asks, yes there...
Pinky Ice Cream in District 1 (Saigon)

Pinky Ice Cream

After being harassed by Evelyn for sending her to a construction site and not Pinky's a couple months, I finally found one near where...
Long Monaco at Vincom Center Food Court

Food Court at Vincom Center

I met my Vietnamese friend at the Vincom Center today.  Vincom has one of the  best food courts in Vietnam with a large selection...
Barcamp Saigon

Barcamp Saigon 5 Registration

It is time again to register for the 5th installment of Barcamp Saigon.  It will be held again at RMIT in South Saigon on...

Barcamp Saigon 4

Barcamp Saigon 4 is being organized.  It will take place at RMIT on July 24, 2011.  Registration is now open so you should  signup...