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Tiamo Coffee Sign

Tiamo Coffee Shop – Binh Thanh District (#Saigon)

Thanks to Lee, my friend who helped me find Ha Lan last weekend, I can now add a new quiet coffee shop to my list of places to spend a couple hours in each week here in Saigon.  Tiamo Coffee shop is a relatively new coffee shop located on the outskirts of Saigon in the Binh Thanh District.  It is in indoor/outdoor coffee shop with plenty of comfortable seating.

The owners of Tiamo seem to have lived in Europe for a part of their lives, not confirmed though.  They have many vintage records, cameras and I think record players.  Last night when I visited Tiamo, the Beattle’s Greatest Hits were being played.  The owners are quite nice, there is even a nice “weiner” dog roaming the coffee shop, a scene you do not see in Saigon everyday.

There is no air conditioning but no worries.  On the hottest day (more…)

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