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Blocked in

Occasionally when I park at LuxCity, there will be one motorbike blocking other motorbikes from parking in the inside space. It happens at least...

More photos from Evo Strength and Fitness

Just posting more photos from Evo Strength and Fitness. A great gym for Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. Evo is getting some Crossfit members as...
Power Racks at Evo Fitness (Saigon)

New Powerlifting Gym in Saigon (Evo Strength Fitness)

Last week I had the chance to visit Evo Strength & Fitness, the newest powerlifting gym in Saigon that can also accommodate Olympic-style weightlifting....

Motorbike Parking

Outside of Lotte Mart is a large motorbike parking area. This is the norm for motorbike parking lots in Saigon. Since they are so...

Traffic Jam in District 7

Horrible traffic jam in District 7. Even walking can be a hassle with motorbikes driving on the sidewalks. Heading to District 4 from District 7. View...

Phuc Long Coffee at Lotte Mart

This is where I study Japanese with my Japanese teacher once a week. Great location to study.
Ninja motorbike rider in Saigon

Another crazy motorbike rider in Saigon

These type of crossings are quite irritating. I call them "cow herd block crossings" since motorbikes will go as a group to block oncoming...