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Sew-easy lifting straps

My Lifting Straps

At the Get Fit Gym, I know I get some strange looks when I use my lifting straps.  I always use them in the...
Supplements I take for my workouts

Supplements I take for my workouts (ironDevilDog.com)

I think some of you may be interested in this post from my other blog, ironDevilDog.com.  I talk about the supplements I take for...
Leg Press Machine - Get Fit Gym

Put the Weights Back!!!

One of the thing that really irritates me at ANY gym are those guys who load up the bars or machines with weights, do...
Close up of the indentations lef

Olympic Weightlifting Area at Get Fit Gym (Saigon)

I have now been doing Olympic Weightlifting at Get Fit Gym in Saigon for over a couple months now.  My technique is slowly improving...

Ripping my hands at the gym

Wow, I ripped one of the callous on my right hand yesterday doing my Olympic Weightlifting workout. It has been a long time since...

Yes, I do wear high heels

Olympic weightlifters commonly wear their 'high heeled' weightlifting shoes in the gym for better balance. They also look cool too. Here are my Adidas...