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Motorbike Accident in District 6 of Saigon

Accident in District 6

When I am riding to Long An Province, this traffic circle in District 6 always makes me nervous. It is very congested and shared...

Saigon Night with the Bikers

Evening photos from the last offline meeting. Mostly 300cc Kawasaki bikes with one Z650 and one 500cc Royal Enfield bike.

New 2018 Ninja 400 and 300cc Bikers Club

Got to see the new 2018 Ninja 400 yesterday with the 300cc Bikers Club. We all met to clean our bikes' chains. At the moment...
SaigonNezumi z300 channel

Kawasaki Z300 YouTube Channel

I have created a YouTube Page for my Kawasaki Z300 motorcycle trips. Right now they contain videos I post to Instagram and Facebook. I...

Motorcycle mods in Saigon

Spent a couple hours at thus garage in District 5. They were installing various mods to large bikes including exhausts and passenger bars. I...

Riding around Saigon on my Z300

Yep, I moved up to a motorcycle, finally. Been riding a 2017 Kawasaki Z300 since mid-October now. Been very interesting riding a large bike...