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Bikers levers at Phat Phuc Racing (Saigon)

I finally got tired of my imitation clutch and front brake levers so today I decided to purchase some high quality levers...
Motorbike Accident in District 6 of Saigon

Accident in District 6

When I am riding to Long An Province, this traffic circle in District 6 always makes me nervous. It is very congested and shared...

Parking woes

Parking can be a hassle in Vietnam if you want a scratchfree bike. I always.put a motorcycle cover on my.bike. Still, occasionally you...

Honda Custom 125cc Motorcycle

This is one of my posts from August, 2006. At that time I wanted to get a Honda Custom motorcycle. The price was quite...

I love my Arrow exhaust

Yeah, I got a after market exhaust on My Kawasaki Z300 motorcycle. Yes, it is a bit loud but needed on the streets of...

Gear indicator on my Z300

Some will say it is not necessary but I added it anyway. Sometimes you have to repeatedly switch gears on the streets of Saigon....
SaigonNezumi z300 channel

Kawasaki Z300 YouTube Channel

I have created a YouTube Page for my Kawasaki Z300 motorcycle trips. Right now they contain videos I post to Instagram and Facebook. I...