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Halal Banh Mi - Saigon

Halal Banh Mi

I buy this at least once a week.  I really enjoy my halal Vietnamese banh mi (bread) with chicken.
Halal food at Citarasa

Halal food at Citarasa

I really enjoyed these nice halal dishes at Citarasa in Pham Ngu Lao.
Com Tam Bo Da Lot - Tan Phu District

Com Tam and Bo La lot in Tan Phu

This is really great restaurant with real delicious food.  Only 170,000 VND in the Tan Phu District for 2 people.  You can't beat that.
Thai food in Saigon

Thai Food in Saigon

This is a nice bowl of green curry at the Golden Elephant in Saigon.
Vuvuzela Beer Club (Saigon, Vietnam)

Funny sign at Vuvuzela

Vuvuzela is a new beer house in Saigon.  They got some really funny signs all over the beer house.
Vuvuzela Beer Club (Saigon, Vietnam)

Table at Vuvuzela Beer Club

Yeah, beer is the main product here at Vuvuzela Beer Club.  They were offering free beers for their promotion last week.  Many Vietnamese took...
Thai Shrimp hot pot in Saigon

Thai Shrimp Hot Pot – Ben Thanh District

One of my favorite shrimp hot pots now in Saigon.