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ToDos for 2015

Edit 1: Italics are the trip updates Well, it is 2015.  I am back in Almaty, Kazakhstan, starting the second half of the school year. ...
Air Astana (Almaty to Saigon)

My trips since moving to Kazakhstan

One of the big benefits since moving to Almaty, Kazakhstan, over a year ago is that I am able to take more trips then...

First days in Kuala Lumpur

Well, after a real early morning flight yesterday, I finally made it "officially" to KL, Malaysia. It was another one lf those cities I...

Singapore lah

Tooks these photos on my walk to Marina Square. Posted from WordPress for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Halal Singapore

Singapore has a large Muslim population and many Muslim visitors. It also has its own Muslim section not far from my hotel with many...

In Singapore

Just made it to my hotel. Really liking Singapore. Great first impressions. I was even surprised when the taxi driver gave me my change....