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Vietnamese Chicken

Vietnamese Chicken

This chicken has been plucked and boiled ready for serving with traditional Vietnamese food.  It was delicious.
Small Quiet Market during Tet in Saigon

Quiet Market during Tet

This is one of the few times when you will see the market quiet.  :-)
Vietnamese Communist Flag

Vietnamese Communist Flag

During all holidays, Tet in this instance, all homes and businesses are required to fly the Vietnamese Communist Flag.  Foreigners are no exemptions.  In...
Tet lights in Saigon

Tet Holiday lights in Saigon

Saigon is a beautiful city during Tet.  Light decorations like those below line most of the streets in District 1.
Tet Party

Tet Party

It is normal for students to throw a Tet party for their teachers.  It is a good way to get close together with your...
Vietnamese Fruits and Sting

Vietnamese Fruit and Sting

A small Tet party with my Vietnamese English students.  They brought some delicious and tasty Vietnamese fruits served with Sting.  Cham chams are in...