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Kawasaki Z300 in the Long An Province, Vietnam

My Kawasaki Z300 during Tet 2018

Just showing off my bike. This lake is located in the Long An Province.

Chuc mung nam moi

Happy Lunar New Year of the Dog. May 2018 be as faithful as the loving dog. Chuc mung nam moi. Gong xi fa cai.

Year of the Snake Approaching (2013)

As the Year of the Dragon ends shortly, the Year of the Little Dragon (Snake) is approaching.  It is now Tet Eve in Saigon. ...
Tet 2012 - Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon in Saigon (SaigonNezumi Redesigned)

Today is Day 6 of the Tet, the Vietnamese New Year.  It has been a busy week.  Many Vietnamese and Expats left the city...
Quan Am Vietnam

15th Lunar January Month in Saigon

Last weekend was a very important time for Vietnamese Buddhists.  Normally on the 14th, 15th and/or 16th Lunar January, Vietnamese worshippers go to the...