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Walking through Makati City

Walked around Makati City today. Makati is one of the financial centers in Manila. It has a Honolulu, Hawaii, feel to it. Nice sidewalks...

In Manila, Philippines 

I am visiting a friend in Manila, Philippines, for 4 days. This will be my first trip to PI. I flew from Saigon, Vietnam,...

New Vietnam Airlines Airbus A350 

I flew on Vietnam Airlines new Airbus A350 from Shanghai, China, to Saigon, Vietnam, last month. It was a really nice plane with a...

Sunset over Phan Thiet 

I just barely got the sunset shot from the sand dunes near Pahn Thiet. 

Baba Seafood (Mui Ne, Vietnam)

While in Mui Ne, Vietnam, a friend and I decided to look for a good seafood place. The taxi driver we took recommended Baba...

Claritin Prices (Saigon vs Almaty)

I bought about 10 boxes of Claritin in Saigon when I was there. Much cheaper there. Roughly $3.80 USD/box of 10.  In Almaty it...

My favorite item that I will bring to Kazakhstan

Just bought 10 blocks of Japanese curry that should last me last a few months in Almaty. I have not found any curry blocks...