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Greek Amphitheatre - Side, Turkey

Greek Amphitheatre – Side, Turkey

It was nice to see ancient history in front of me.  These Greek ruins were part of the Greek Amphitheatre located in Side, Turkey.  It...
Greek Ruins - Side, Turkey

Greek Ruins – Side, Turkey

This was the first time I visited any Greek Ruins ever.  These Greek ruins were located in Side, Turkey, just east of Antalya.  During...
Antalya Minaret - Antalya, Turkey

Famous Antalya Minaret

This is the well known Antalya Minaret which is the local symbol for Antalya, Turkey.
Mediterranean Sea - Antalya, Turkey

Mediterranean Sea – Antalya, Turkey

A nice view of the Mediterranean Sea from Antalya, Turkey.
Antalya, Turkey

Beautiful Antalya, Turkey

Lying right on the Mediterranean Sea is Antalya, a favorite travel destination for Russians and those from the former Soviet Union.  It is one of...
Suleyman Cami - Alanya, Turkey

Suleyman Cami

The Suleyman Cami in Alanya, Turkey, is one of the oldest mosques in Turkey built by Seljuk Turks.
View of Alanya, Turkey, from Suleyman Cami

Another view of Alanya, Turkey

Another good view of Alanya, Turkey, from the ancient Suleyman Cami.