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Saigon rain water quality

Water quality of Saigon rain

Saigon had a huge downpour today. For some odd reason I decided to see what the water quality of the rain was....

Would you switch to tap water in Saigon?

For those living in Saigon long-term, it is natural to have concerns over the quality of the drinking water in the city....
Aquafina tds / ppm water quality test

More bottled water tests

At the request of people, I decided to do a TDS test of four more brands of bottled water that you can buy in...

Water quality in Duc Hoa (Long An Province)

Took these readings in Duc Hoa just outside of Ho Chi Minh City in the Long An Province. Duc Hoa Tap Water The tap water was...
PPM for LaVie

Testing water quality in Saigon (HCMC), Vietnam

Update: You can purchase a TDS water quality meter at Lazada. Last week I checked the water quality again in my apartment building. I have...

How clean is Saigon’s water?

Recently I decided to test the water at my apartment. Below are the results Above is the water test for 20 liter jug. 49 ppm...