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Hoshi at two months old

Hoshi then and now

Found a 10 month old photo of Hoshi.  He has turned from a kitten who hates me to a cat that loves to jump...
30 days statistics for SaigonNezumi (Cloudflare)

SaigonNezumi Traffic (last 30 days)

People always ask me what traffic I get from my blog.  Below is a graph generated from my last 30 day visits from Cloudflare,...

Welcome 2012 Year of the Dragon

New Years is upon us again.  For Japanese around the world, the Japanese New Year of the Dragon starts tomorrow.  Happy 2012 Year of...
Blocking motorbikes - Saigon, Vietnam

What irritated me this week in Saigon

A couple of things really irritated me this week. It has been awhile since I posted any irritations on my blog. Here are three...
Kuro - Black cat


Some friends have asked for it so here is a picture of Kuro, a black kitten my Japanese friend will give to me.  He...

Hoshi paying Cat Toys on the iPad

Yes guys, it is possible, a cat can play a game on the iPad.  I downloaded Cat Toys Lite last summer but tested it...
Hoshi, American Shorthair Cat in Saigon

I’m so cute, gotta LOVE ME!!!

Picture speaks for itself: