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This is where all the OLD categories posts are now (archived).

Smokey - SaigonNezumi

Smokey’s Last Days :-( (Memory Post)

Another memory post.  It is hard to believe that Smokey passed away nearly 5 years ago.  He was in so many of my blog...

Yearly Top Posts and Pages (SaigonNezumi.com)

Just checked my stats for the past year.  Below are the top 10 posts and pages for SaigonNezumi.com: Halal Restaurants in Saigon and Hanoi A new...
Second Passport by Descent

Infographic: Second Passport by Descent

This infographic was passed on to me a couple weeks ago.  I found it very interesting so I thought I pass it to my...

Price difference between Almaty and Saigon

I know my friend says do not compare Vietnam with Kazakhstan but I cannot help myself. I am back in Saigon now for holidays....

New Blog and SaigonNezumi.com Update

SaigonNezumi.com has been dead for a bit.  I have been focusing my time at the weight room since last August.  I decided to give...

Medical care for US Veterans in Saigon

If you are a US veteran with a service connected injury, there are several good hospitals you can use in Saigon.  I currently use...
Sharp Solar Panels

Celebrating Sharp’s 100th Anniversary in Vietnam

It is hard to imagine that Japanese-owned, Sharp, is now celebrating its 100th year Anniversary. As one of the prominent bloggers in Saigon, I...