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Reviews and information about halal restaurants in Saigon, Vietnam.

Halal cafe in Shanghai 

This is the halal restaurant I visit once a week on way from my gym to my apartment. It is good. I order by...
Kampung Pandan - Halal restaurant in Saigon, Vietnam

New Halal Saigon Restaurant (Kampung Pandan)

There is a new halal restaurant in Saigon, Vietnam, now catering to the halal travelers community, particularly those from Malaysia.  It is called Kampung...

Halal Singapore

Singapore has a large Muslim population and many Muslim visitors. It also has its own Muslim section not far from my hotel with many...

Babas Kitchen Delivery & Catering in Thao Dien

Robin and Steve just opened another halal kitchen serving their famous Indian cuisine. For those living in Thao Dien and An Phu, delivery times...

Masala tea at Babas Kitchen

I guarantee that I will not sleep tonight. Robin gave me a mug of masala tea with probably one of the highest caffeine of...

Halal Vietnamese Coffee

Updated on August 25, 2013: Turns out that it is normal for Vietnamese coffee to have corn and soybeans mixed with the coffee.  A friend...

Halal fish head curry at Warung

I got invited by Hadi, the owner of Warung and Halal Saigon, last week to try his fish head curry dish. It was good,...