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Subway timeline in China

Subways in China Timeline

One of the frustrations returning to Saigon from Shanghai, China, was having to get used to a city with no subway. I just wish...

Best way to lock a door

Visited my gym a bit early to be welcomed by this lock. This is actually one of the best locks to use with ebikes...

Blocked again

This can be frustrating when trying to get an ebike out of a parking area. Yesterday I got blocked again by the ebike on...

Air conditioner and heater 

These things are also heaters. Ok ones at that.

My elevator in Shanghai

The elevator in my apartment as well as other apartments in my complex all have these ugly wood coverings. They are an eye sore....

Wrong shower head 

My landlord installed a nice raindrop shower head. Unfortunately he gave me a plastic one which is directly below the heated shower lights. I...

My ebike

My ebike on a nice Sunday afternoon in Shanghai. Yes, I should really have locked the front tire.