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One terrabyte external hard drive

I have been downloading alot of Japanese drama. It helps me relearn Japanese. The problem was that I was running out of room on...


Mugicha, a barley tea, is the main stay in Japanese homes served cold in summer. As a kid, I hated mugicha. Now I drink...
SaigonNezumi z300 channel

Kawasaki Z300 YouTube Channel

I have created a YouTube Page for my Kawasaki Z300 motorcycle trips. Right now they contain videos I post to Instagram and Facebook. I...

Vietnamese food anyone?

I had these dishes last night. Oh it was so good.

Lots of shoes

I just realized I have a lot of dress shoes. I habe three pairs from Allen Edmonds. One pair wqs custom made in Hong...

ToDos for 2015

Edit 1: Italics are the trip updates Well, it is 2015.  I am back in Almaty, Kazakhstan, starting the second half of the school year. ...
Eleven Cafe by New World Hotel

Missing Saigon Coffee shops

Sadly, this was the last coffee shop I visited in Saigon three weeks from today.  I miss sitting the long hours chatting and working...