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District 2

Pictures of Saigon from my Z300

District 2's An Phu area has changed so much. Gentrification has removed many of the older homes and shantys with newer homes...
Thu Thiem Tunnel from District 2 of Saigon

View of Thu Thiem Tunnel from District 2

I make this trip at least once a week now. This leg can get nerve racking since I am always entering it...

Bikers levers at Phat Phuc Racing (Saigon)

I finally got tired of my imitation clutch and front brake levers so today I decided to purchase some high quality levers...
Moto Laurie is located at 105/2 Vuon Chuoi in District 3

Moto Laurie Saigon

In needed to find a circlip for my Arrow exhaust so I can use my db-silencer. Thanks to Henry of Phat Phuc Racing, I...
Water spray from truck in Vietnam

Water Spray from Truck in Highway DT10 (Long An Province)

Another video taking place on Highway DT10 in the Long An Province on the way to Duc Hoa, Vietnam. I was riding behind this...
Dangerous track passing another truck in Long An Province, Vietnam

Dangerous truck passing in Long An Province

This is a start of four postings of my motorcycle trips just for this week. Riding on the highway can be a bit dangerous in...

The craziness of Saigon motorbikes

The below picture pretty much shows a person must force their way into traffic. I posted the video yesterday on Instagram and Facebook. Motorbikes...