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Current articles, commentary and blog posts on everything about or related to Saigon, Vietnam.

Vietnam Airlines A350

Another Vietnam Airlines Video (Airbus A350)

Last month the new Vietnam Airlines Boeing 787 made news with its spectacular takeoff.  Now Airbus has made a new video showing the construction...

Discovery Channel Blocked in Vietnam

Sometimes cable channels get their programming blocked when they air shows a bit controversial to the local Vietnamese authorities. The Discovery Channel was blocked...

Internet speeds at Al Frescos are amazing

Just look at the screenshot. It speaks for itself. Internet speeds are amazing in Saigon. Posted from WordPress for Android
Ha Lan Hamburgers in Saigon

Great Greasy Hamburgers at Ha Lan

My friend, Lee, introduced me to a great restaurant with some awesome greasy burgers.  It is run by Vietnamese who lived in Europe and...
Ali Baba Restaurant Halal Kebab in Saigon

Ali Baba Restaurant Grand Opening – Doner Kebabs in Saigon

A new halal restaurant, Ali Baba Restaurant, is opening up near the Tan Son Nhat Airport offering halal doner kebabs.  It will open tomorrow,...

Illegal Cockfighting in Saigon (2013)

Cockfighting is illegal in Vietnam but you seem them all the time.  There are at least 1 cockfight near my current alleyway each day...

Vietnamese subtitles

All western programs and news channels in Vietnam are required to have Vietnamese subtitles now. This makes it interesting to watch my favorite movies...