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WeGene says I am part Chinese

About a month ago I decided to to upload my 23andme dna results to WeGene. Within a day I got my results. Just look...
Amerasian School Okinawa

AmerAsian School in Okinawa Employment Opportunity

Are you interested in working as a teacher with Japanese Amerasians in Okinawa, Japan?  The AmerAsian School in Okinawa is currently seeking a certified...

Exploitation of Asian Women (Books)

Since 1992, I have spent a lot of time researching issues revolving around Amerasians.  I even formed a nonprofit, the Amerasian Foundation, to focus...
My Kazakh Host Family - The Orazimbetovs

AmerasianWorld.com and Saigon Linux Group sites back online

Two of my past websites are both back online now. AmerasianWorld.com / Salaam Central Asia   AmerasianWorld.com was originally named Salaam Central Asia.  I created Salaam Central...

Left by the Ship – America’s Forgotten Children

Left by the Ship is a documentary about Robert, Jr, Charlene and Margarita are Amerasians: the sons and daughters of Filipina sex workers and...

Operation Babylift Articles and Photos

I just posted some some articles and photos pertaining to the Vietnamese Amerasians and Adoptees who were part of Operation Babylift.  They were sent...

How to continue to help Filipino and Vietnamese Amerasians

I met with Clint and Hung from the Amerasian Childfind Network tonight. Clint visits Vietnam a couple times a year to help Vietnam...