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AmerasianWorld.com’s Salaam Central Asia Relaunched

After being down for over a year, I finally relaunched AmerasianWorld.com's "Salaam Central Asia". Salaam Central Asia was my first website devoted my experiences...
Peace Corps Kazakhstan - Karatau, Kazakhstan

One encouragement to return to Kazakhstan

One April 16, 2012 10:42 pm There is a group of people in my life whom I'm greatful for making me who I am. Dear Kevin,...
Second Kazakh Host Family

My Second Kazakh Host Family – Orazimbetovs

This is my second Peace Corps Host Family, the Orazibetovs.  They had their hands full dealing with me since I am, umm, a big...
Karatau Lyceum in Spring - Karatau, Kazakhstan

Karatau Lyceum in Spring

This is one of the very few pictures of clouds over Kazakhstan.  Kazakhstan gets about 300 plus days of sun each year.  Here is...
Karatau Lyceum in Winter - Karatau, Kazakhstan

Karatau Lyceum in Winter

This was my first winter in Karatau, Kazakhstan.  It was quite cold, we got a lot of snow.  Still, it was so beautiful.  I...
My Washington, DC, and International Wall, Karatau Lyceum - Peace Corps Kazakhtan

Washington, DC, and International Wall – Karatau Lyceum

This was my Washington, DC, and International Wall.  I spent nearly three weeks in Washington, DC, in the summer of 1998 to get my...
My Seattle and Vancouver, Canada, Wall, Karatau Lyceum - Peace Corps Kazakhstan

My Seattle and Vancouver Wall – Karatau Lyceum

This was my wall dedicated to Seattle and Vancouver, Canada.  I also had a picture of San Diego, California, there as well.  Not sure...