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Reviews and information about halal restaurants in Saigon, Vietnam.

New Halal Malaysian Restaurant – Warung Saigon

My friend, who is part owner of Halal Saigon, just opened a new halal Malaysian restaurant catering to the Malaysian tourists.  The prices are...
Ali Baba Restaurant Halal Kebab in Saigon

Ali Baba Restaurant Grand Opening – Doner Kebabs in Saigon

A new halal restaurant, Ali Baba Restaurant, is opening up near the Tan Son Nhat Airport offering halal doner kebabs.  It will open tomorrow,...
Banana Leaf Saigon

Banana Leaf Halal Restaurant

Just visited a new halal restaurant in Saigon today.  Banana Leaf @Saigon is owned by the former owner of Halal@Saigon offering Malaysian, Singaporean and...

Saturday Buffet at Babas Kitchen

My big Saturday treat. After I workout at the new Get Fit Gym in District 4, I head to Babas for the all you...

Great meal at Indus Indian Restaurant

Since Bon Mua was closed for renovation, Tony and I head next door to Indus Indian Restaurant on 11-2G Thi Sachin street in District...
Indian Jamia Muslim Mosque (Saigon, Vietnam)

Indian Jamia Muslim Mosque (2012)

I visited my friend at Skunkworks last weekend.  I forgot that their building was next to the Indian Jamia Muslim Mosque in District 1....
Kedai Makanan Halal Idris Restaurant in Saigon

Kedai Makanan Halal Idris – Another halal restaurant in Saigon

Today I had lunch with a Vietnamese Muslim friend at Kedai Makanan Halal Idris restaurant in District 8.  This halal restaurant serves both halal...