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New blog: KevinMillerJr.com

Sorry I have been quiet this week.  I am fighting acute bronchitis resulting from my nonstop colds that I have been getting since last...
Hoshi under the covers

Where is that cat of mine?

So people have been asking me how Hoshi has been doing lately.  Just view the pictures below and you will understand:
My Kazakh Host Family - The Orazimbetovs

AmerasianWorld.com and Saigon Linux Group sites back online

Two of my past websites are both back online now. AmerasianWorld.com / Salaam Central Asia   AmerasianWorld.com was originally named Salaam Central Asia.  I created Salaam Central...

How often do you use your air conditioner in Vietnam?

November has arrived and for me at home, this usually means I can stop having my air conditioner run throughout the night.  Since returning...

First day of Boot Camp (November 13, 1990)

Okay, this ends my two weeks of four military anniversaries.  You will not see me talk about the Marines for another year. Twenty-one years ago...

Happy Veteran’s Day (US)

Today is Veteran's Day in the US.  Happy Veteran's Day to all the US veterans that served to protect the US, freedom, and democracy. ...

Happy 236th Birthday US Marine Corps!

Today is the 236th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps.  I like to wish all of the active duty and former Marines one...