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Kevin and Lucky

Introducing my Mekong Delta Terrier, Lucky!!!

Yeah, This is Life

Pictures speak for themselves: (Smokey and Lucky Enjoying Life as well)

Smokey and Lucky

Finally, two things that matter to me in my house, Smokey (cat) and Lucky (puppy). Smokey is now a one year old, fat...

Money, Money, Money at Lotteria

You know, one would think it would be wiser to count your money in a more SECURE location. I guess someone forgot to...

Great Indian Restaurant

A favorite expat and tourist outside restaurant. The Indian Restaurant, located across the street from the Sheraton Hotel, is my favorite Indian Restaurant...

Saigon KFC Fast Food?

Wow, my girlfriend and I waited 5 minutes at the counter before any of the cashiers took our order. With the large number...

Sociology Exam #2

I am proud of them today. They do not know it. They got an American exam today which was more difficult. ...