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Boeing 747 with nose gear up

My Japan Airlines collection

I like to collect small diecast Japan Airline airliners.  It may be no surprise to some that I do this since I am an...
Vietnam Police Baton

Police baton

Got to play with a police baton today.
Saigon Kittens for Adoption

Saigon Kittens, Want One?

My Japanese friend, Kojima, has some kittens, 10 be exact, if you are interested.  They are about 3-4 weeks old now.  Let me know...
Mekong University, Vinh Long, Vietnam

Mekong University (Vinh Long Province)

Last weekend I went on a short day trip with Protekus and KKB to Vinh Long Province to visit the Mekong University (Cuu Long...
30 days statistics for SaigonNezumi (Cloudflare)

SaigonNezumi Traffic (last 30 days)

People always ask me what traffic I get from my blog.  Below is a graph generated from my last 30 day visits from Cloudflare,...
Bitexco Building from District 4 (Saigon)

Bitexco Building from District 4

The Bitexco Building can be seen from various parts of the city.  Last Sunday I took this photo from the law school in District 4....
Can Tho Bridge, Can Tho, Vietnam

Can Tho Bridge

Last Saturday, Protekus Security Solutions, a security startup I run with Japanese and Vietnamese partners, had a meeting with a client in the Vinh...