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Christmas in Almaty

Christmas spirit may not big in Almaty but they still dress the part. This Xmas tree is outside of Mega. New Year's Day...

Very cold Almaty morning

It is very cold the last couple of days in Almaty. It is now -10 C outside.  In a weeks I will be back...

Walking around Almaty

Just some pictures from our walk around downtown Almaty today. Posted from WordPress for Android
Kazakhstan Flag

Conversation with Taxi Drivers in Almaty

One of the most usual forms of transportation in Almaty is the private taxis.  Normally in Kazakhstan, any car can be a taxi.  Private...

My first Kazakhstan snowfall

I knew it was found to happen. Today it finally snowed in the early morning. Unfortunately it was the wet snow which makes walking...

Sunny Valley – Miras Microregion

I live in a nice area of Almaty.  Actually, I live on the outskirts of Almaty in the Miras Microregion (a microregion is similar...

A very cold Almaty morning

Just took this screenshot from my phone. -6 C is cold but nothing compared to what Almaty will get in January. Posted from...