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Temperature Inversion Pollution in Saigon

This morning Saigon suffered yet another bad air morning with the AQI (air quality indicator) at 162 (50 AQI and below is...

Accuracy of AirVisual Air Quality Reading for Saigon

Yesterday several people reported that they felt the AQI reading for Saigon was not accurate. They felt it was too low. Check the reading...

Good air vs bad air days in Saigon

Saigon is experiencing more bad air days with PM 2.5 levels above 150 AQI. Below is a photo from my apartment to Phu My...

Air Quality in Long An, Vietnam

Nearly 11 months ago I took my first air quality reading in Long An about 30 km south of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam....

Saigon air better than Shanghai now

Well, with winter coming to Shanghai soon, I was warned that the pollution of the air will get worse. Though I am not in...