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Indian Jamia Muslim Mosque (Saigon, Vietnam)

Indian Jamia Muslim Mosque (2012)

I visited my friend at Skunkworks last weekend.  I forgot that their building was next to the Indian Jamia Muslim Mosque in District 1....
Vietnam Delight halal restaurant

Vietnam Delights – new halal restaurant in Saigon

Several months ago, a new halal restaurant opened in Saigon called Vietnam Delights.  Vietnam Delights serves both halal Vietnamese and Cham cuisines.  It is...
Pinky Ice Cream in District 1 (Saigon)

Pinky Ice Cream

After being harassed by Evelyn for sending her to a construction site and not Pinky's a couple months, I finally found one near where...
Bitexco Building from District 4 (Saigon)

Bitexco Building from District 4

The Bitexco Building can be seen from various parts of the city.  Last Sunday I took this photo from the law school in District 4....
Halal Banh Mi

Halal Banh Mi

After my trip to the medical clinic this evening, I decided to head back to District 1 and try out the halal banh mi...