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Teacher's Day Vietnam

Expats Leaving Vietnam

Note: This post was originally typed back in August, 2013, but never published.  Today I decided to edit it since I have been out...

Claritin Prices (Saigon vs Almaty)

I bought about 10 boxes of Claritin in Saigon when I was there. Much cheaper there. Roughly $3.80 USD/box of 10.  In Almaty it...
HR Company Scams in Vietnam

Be wary of HR boutique companies in Vietnam

Edit: For legal purposes, I was asked to remove company names from this post. Since my brief consulting stint helping a previous clientin the investment sector...
Orion NewTech logo

Fraudulent Website: Orion NewTech

Edit: March, 14, 2014 Dinh Nguyen is still illegally operating OrionNewTech in Vietnam and has made no efforts to pay the money he owes me. --- It seems...