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SmartAir Original Fan and SmartAir HEPA filter

Four hour test of SmartAir Original DIY air purifier in Saigon (HCMC)

Last week, Saigon woke up to unhealthy air measuring 156 AQI at the US Consulate or roughly 65 micrograms. This gave me an opportunity...

Hanoi AQI is horrible

Climates wise Hanoi is probably comparable to Shanghai. Seems that more factories have relocated from China to Vietnam, specifically outside of Hanoi. Hence when...

Status of GoHalalPlanet

I have been getting many requests for restaurant and travel information for Vietnam by Muslim travelers through GoHalalPlanet - Vietnam.  I just want to...
Ice tea in a Listerine cup

Things that Expats find annoying about life in Saigon

Inspired by GaijinPot's article, "Things that foreigners find annoying about life in Japan," I decided to write a similar blog post about the annoying things about...
Pho Muslim

GoHalalPlanet – Vietnam Update

Thanks to my Malaysian friend, I had some good help in getting a major update for the Vietnam site of GoHalalPlanet.  More below: Cross-posted from: http://vn.gohalalplanet.com/2011/10/16/gohalalplanet-vietnam-update/ GoHalalPlanet...

GNC in Saigon

Some people been asking me about the location of GNC in Vietnam.  Since I needed some Whey protein shake powder, I decided to find...

Perils from trucks on the street – VietnamNet

Great set of photos posted today by VietnamNet Bridge.  Can you imagine riding behind this truck with your motorbike? More pictures here -> Perils from...