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First days in Kuala Lumpur

Well, after a real early morning flight yesterday, I finally made it "officially" to KL, Malaysia. It was another one lf those cities I...
Halal red curry at Banana Leaf - Saigon

Banana Leaf Restaurant

Banana Leaf Restaurant is a new halal restaurant in Saigon's District 3 (57 Vo Van Tan, District 3).  The red curry dish was very...
Antalya Minaret - Antalya, Turkey

Famous Antalya Minaret

This is the well known Antalya Minaret which is the local symbol for Antalya, Turkey.
Osh Mosque - Osh, Kyrgyzstan

Osh, Kyrgyzstan

Osh has a large population of devout Uzbek Muslims.  I have no qualms telling people that Osh is one of my favorite cities in...
Suleyman Cami - Alanya, Turkey

Suleyman Cami

The Suleyman Cami in Alanya, Turkey, is one of the oldest mosques in Turkey built by Seljuk Turks.
Turkish Shops outside Fatih Cami - Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish Shops

I took this photo in the Summer of 2002 just a short distance from my favorite Turkish mosque, the Fatih Cami.  I passed these...
Aya Sofia, Istanbul, Turkey

Aya Sofia

When I first visited Istanbul, Turkey, in December, 1999, the first place I wanted to see was the Aya Sofia.  My hotel was in...